Hirari vs IPA Products – Decision

The plaintiff did not have a purchase order for the excess garments.

I said that in the absence of a purchase order signed by the defendant, and after hearing Janet’s testimony in which she flatly denied buying the excess garments from Hirari, I resolved the dispute in favor of IPA Products.

I granted judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s complaint.

Do you agree?


4 thoughts on “Hirari vs IPA Products – Decision

  1. Addition to my July 6th comment.
    I guess people like Hirari will try anything, even try and blame his client who purchased the first order.
    What he didn’t bank on, that he would be sitting before a fair & balanced arbitration judge who has heard it all before.
    If I were IPA products, I would sever my ties with Hirari.

    • I agree with JV, IPA should sever ties with Hirari if they haven’t done so already.
      No PO, no deal! What was he trying to pull off!

  2. If Harari plays so fast and loose with his clients, just imagine how he treats all those people in China making all the unwanted garments. No mercy! Right on, Arbie!

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