Manuel vs Security – Case

A Latino man in his 20’s is here suing a company called “Security Protection” to repay monies he gave them for falsely promising him a job as a security guard.

I will call the claimant “Manuel”, and I will call the Defendant “Security”.

Manuel found Security on the Internet, where Security declared that it had “instant” jobs for security guards.  At his first interview with Security, Manuel was told he had to pay an “application fee” and would have to attend “classes” for security guard “certifications”.

At his second interview, Manuel was told that in order to qualify as a security guard, he had to sign up and pay for several additional classes, as well as fingerprint costs, etc.

The classes were taught by “teachers” from booklets, followed by a written test permitting Manuel and the other attendees to examine their booklets before answering the questions. In some cases, the “teacher” coached the class as to the correct answers to the questions on the test.

Manuel spent about 40 hours in various classes at Security.

Manuel said that he paid Security about $2,000 over the next few weeks.

Upon completion of several classes, Manuel got from Security several computer generated documents “certifying” that he had completed his training as a security guard, and also as a fire safety officer, anti-terrorism guard, and metal detection inspector.

He was then told by Security that they had no jobs to offer. Instead, Manuel was handed some hand written references to what he was told were possible places of employment. When he got to those places, he was told that they never heard of Security and had no jobs to offer him.

You decide.

To see my decision, click on the link below. Decisions.


2 thoughts on “Manuel vs Security – Case

  1. It’s truly unfortunate that Manuel did not research the security company in question – a quick internet search on the BBB website would, no doubt, have provided him adequate information to totally avoid the company.

    I would award Manual full compensation for his losses: 100%

    Question: why is Manual’s being “a Latino man” of any importance in this case? You do not identify any other individual in your other cases by language or national origin.

  2. Agree with your analysis and decision. Glad that Manuel was awarded his money plus expenses. Wonder what the probability is that he will collect from “Security”?

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