Manuel vs Security – Decision

I told Manuel that in my opinion he was the victim of a scam.

To begin with under New York law only a license is required, not certification.

I said that in my opinion Security chose the name “Security Protection” to make it appear as if it was a unit of a large and well known company.

I told him that Security was victimizing him in false and misleading ways; by failing to disclose that New York State law requires registration, not certification; by falsely stating that there would be a job waiting for him upon completion of his training classes, and by failing to disclose that the job placement referrals were bogus.

Manuel was in my opinion swindled by Security taking advantage of his unemployed situation. It was daylight robbery.

I granted him judgment against “Security Protection” for $2,000 plus interests and court costs.

I then urged Manuel to take his case to the local police, the District Attorney’s office and the Better Business Bureau.

I said that in my opinion it was his duty to do so.

He said that he would do it. I felt from his firm response that he meant it.

Do you agree?



2 thoughts on “Manuel vs Security – Decision

  1. Scam, I’ll say! Yes I agree with you awarding him the $2,000 +
    I hope manuel does report it or your calendar will be filled with these fraudulent cases. Can there really be that many naive people? I think they should check on people/companies before freely handing over money.
    I don’t think Security really cares what the NYS law is registration vs certification. It’s obvious Security is a scam set-up to take advantage of the vulnerable people and commit fraud.
    I hope Manuel collects his money and gets a job.

    • I was as outraged as you were at Security’s crude ways of tricking Manuel. In my opinion, the law for “for profit” vocational schools should be that they are liable if they claim that they have jobs ready and available for their students.

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